My Theologian Rating System

My four-part, five-star rating system that I include in my Theologian Thursday posts is a fun way to gauge the general beliefs and teachings of each theologian in a few specific areas.

The ratings are subjective, and based on my research and understanding of the theologian and his or her works.

I'm by no means an expert, so you should take these ratings with a grain of salt... and realize they're just for fun. If you have any comments though, I'd love to hear them!

So here's an explanation of the categories:

Gender Equality
Total Misogynist -----to----- Raging Feminist
 How much does this person care about women's rights and roles in the world and in the church?

Environmental Sensibility
Hummer Owner  -----to----- Tree Hugger
How much does this person advocate for a redemptive ethic toward the environment?

Heretical Tendencies
Totally Orthodox ----to---- Excommunicated
How much does this person stray from orthodoxy, and/or how often is he or she called out on it?

General Badassery
Tame -----to----- Total Badass
How badass is this person, in general, taking into account his or her teaching, actions, and personal life?